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Welcome to our biography page, here you can listen to the compositions by composer, find out a bit more about them as well as requesting a specific composers for your project.

Chris Rodgers Chris Rodgers
Maurizio Malagnini Maurizio Malagnini
Stephan Hodel Stephan Hodel
Leonardo DiLorenzo Leonardo DiLorenzo
Shu Wang Shu Wang
Jon Wygens Jon Wygens
Giampaolo Scatozza Giampaolo Scatozza
Luca Rossetti Luca Rossetti
Lorenzo Bassignani Lorenzo Bassignani
Luca Garro Luca Garro
Pier Scotti Pier Scotti
Luca Garro

Italian composer and pianist Luca Garro studied jazz with Franco d’Andrea at the Conservatorio di Musica “F.A. Bonporti” in Trento, and Composition and Classical Piano at the Conservatorio di Musica “G.Verdi” in Milan, where his early mentors included legendary classical composers such as Irlando Danieli, Danilo Lorenzini and Giovanni Carmassi. Garro has played across Italy and beyond with the Milan Classical Orchestra, the Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano and the Romanian Philharmonic Orchestra. Having settled close to Milan, Garro is indulging his great love of jazz, and regularly features at events such as the Open Jazz Festival of Varese and the Brianza Open Jazz Festival. His classical compositions have been performed in halls and theatres as far afield as Tel Aviv, Haifa, Florence, Rome, Budapest and Stockholm, but he also arranges big band and jazz music and, most recently, has worked as a lyrical opera consultant for Carlo, Colla & Figli in Milan. In 2006, Garro was Highly Commended at the No 1 International Piacenza Jazz Arrangers Competition. He prefers to write his scores in different languages, using the musical abilities he has acquired in the worlds of classic and jazz music.