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Welcome to our biography page, here you can listen to the compositions by composer, find out a bit more about them as well as requesting a specific composers for your project.

Chris Rodgers Chris Rodgers
Maurizio Malagnini Maurizio Malagnini
Stephan Hodel Stephan Hodel
Leonardo DiLorenzo Leonardo DiLorenzo
Shu Wang Shu Wang
Jon Wygens Jon Wygens
Giampaolo Scatozza Giampaolo Scatozza
Luca Rossetti Luca Rossetti
Lorenzo Bassignani Lorenzo Bassignani
Luca Garro Luca Garro
Pier Scotti Pier Scotti
Pier Scotti

Scotti’s career began in 1999 in his native Italy, initially remixing dance tracks for other producers, but it was whilst studying piano and electric bass guitar that he discovered his love of composing electric/dance music, and his career shifted direction. He quickly built a reputation as an edgy club DJ, first locally, then throughout Italy, and it wasn’t long before he was renowned across Europe. Scotti continues to develop his skills and talents prodigiously, immersing himself in the latest sound technology - including the latest software and hardware - and most recently incorporating synth-programming into his comprehensive resumé.

A passionate innovator, Scotti writes and produces everything from hard electronic music, through decadent atmospheric themes, to tracks composed of complex drum sequences and broken- and breakthrough-beats; he continually develops and layers music and rhythms to create his own, inimitable sound, and his reputation in this field is second-to-none. As well as producing and composing dance music, he loves to remix the timeless works of classical and jazz composers, adding a hard electronic edge to produce some of the best European trance music of recent years, and his work is in continually high demand in Germany and Italy.

Since 2001, Scotti has worked as a Computer Music and ProStudio Project Manager whilst he studies for degrees in both Audio and Apple application and International Economics; he also continues to work as a freelance studio technician.